Safely remove ticks; 5 myths presented by USA Today

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Safely remove ticks; 5 myths presented by USA Today The beginning of tick season has arrived. Most of us in NJ are aware of deer ticks and the hazards they can present with Lyme Disease. Other varieties of Ticks can present other diseases into our blood, so safe removal and evaluation is essential to avoid many of those tick borne illnesses. USA Today recently offered some great advice, and myths as well as facts.  Check it out here Should I burn a tick off? 5 common myths about ticks By Mary Bowerman Tick season is officially here. A recent population boom of white-footed mice has led to an increase in ticks in the Northeast, which feed on mice blood and can acquire the bacteria that cause Lyme disease. In areas where ticks are rampant, like in the Northeast, upper Midwest and Mid-Atlantic, it's important to be on the lookout for ticks and know how to treat a tick bite. Read more