Salt and Heart Health – Know what you are eating and what is in your prepackaged food

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I read an article that was reprinted in the Star Ledger today from Bloomberg News ( regarding problems in the american diet.  The Centers For Disease Control is sharing their concerns about food and the amount of sodium used in it.  Many junk foods such as potato chips are laden with salt, way to much for our bodies needs.  More salt means more electrolytes which means your body will retain water which means it can have an effect on blood pressure.  Many of the pre packaged foods we eat are flavor deficient and salt is used to get them to have flavor.  Many restaurants use salt, sometimes in abundance with soups and other dishes to give it flavor.  Better restaurants find foods that mesh well together and therefore do not require too much salt.

Lets face it, many of use like salt however, often less can add more.  Many times I have pushed away soup in a diner because of the salty taste.  It really is overkill and our health may suffer long term for this.  The answer is not your doctor or the blood pressure medication to control this.  The answer is for the public to refuse to eat food that has exorbitant amounts of salt.  You can check the packages and if the salt levels are way too high, dont buy that food.  French fries if they are really good and flavorful need minimal salt (as opposed to what Mcdonalds sells)

The solution really is public awareness, changing tastes (corporations will make that the public will buy) and a willingness to change.  This will be better for our health and should affect health care costs nationally if we make salt reduction a national priority.

What to you think.  I value your opinion.