Save hundreds on shoes for free with these expert shopping tips that will make you feel great

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Save hundreds on shoes for free with these expert shopping tips that will make you feel great Everyone goes shoe shopping, and depending on weather we go into a self service store such as DSW, by mail through Zappo's or a full service store such as Roadrunner Sports or Nordstrom, one thing needs to be consistent for you to have the best consumer experience; Shoe fit. Whether you are fitting your children, with or without the help of sales people, shoe fit determines whether the shoe you just purchased will be returned with an awkward confrontation with the people who fitted you or your children or worn just a few times and then donated during our February Shoes for the needy drive because they were uncomfortable.When you think of the cost of shoes, and the amount that are returned (gas, time) or donated (shoe cost, discomfort, possible medical visits), the cost can be hundreds of dollars per year. Improper shoe fit can cause
  • Bunyons
  • Hammer Toes
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Back and neck pain
  • Knee pain
  • Shin pain
The solution is to get fit right the first time. The simple video below has been distributed to local shoe stores in the hope that they begin to use it as part of their training when fitting shoes. The method is simple, makes sense and will improve the accuracy of a shoe fit. Since many shoes are made over seas, and different factory's may size their shoes differently, it is not enough just to ask for your size and purchase them outright. One simple trick to save even more dough that people do not know about; Many shoe stores will sell off their slow selling shoes during sales (tent or curbside) at 50% off. You can get a great deal on a shoe that perhaps was a 1/2 size small from the factory, however, many people just did not buy since they felt they were uncomfortable. Their lack of knowledge is your cure to save a lot for you and your family. Once you understand how to use our protocol, you can purchase the next 1/2 size up and save big. Check out the video here:
If you like what this video has to offer, please distribute it to others. Your co workers, friends and family will appreciate what it can do for them.