Shape Magazine reviews the 9 best Hoka shoes.

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Hoka has become one of the most popular running shoes.   The company began with a unique shoe approach involving a deep pocket design that offers a straight last and a wide bottom that absorbs shock differently than many other running shoes. Eventually, the shoe company was purchased by Deckers, who owns many other major brands such as Uggs, and has since undergone further development with many different models and wide distribution. The shoes are especially popular with people who have flat feet as they reduce heel impact. Recently, Shape Magazine reviewed what they believe are Hoka's 9 best shoes.  Check out the article below

The 9 Best HOKA Shoes, Tested and Reviewed

HOKAs, known for their ultra-plush padding and contemporary style, come in a bunch of different varieties perfect for walking, running, hiking, and anything else. By April Benshosan Updated on August 1, 2023

HOKAs have gained an almost-instant following thanks to their pillow-like plushness and street-style vibe that elevates any outfit. So we're not surprised if you want to add this trendy shoe to your repertoire. But with such an overwhelming amount of styles to choose from, it's almost impossible to pick just one pair.

Whether you're looking for a cushioned running shoe to last you through many miles on the pavement, or one that can pull double duty on the road and in the gym, or a sneaker that won't make your ankles and knees feel achy after a day on your feet, you're sure to find a HOKA to fit your needs.

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