Should you work out when feeling sick?

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If you have ever worked out when feeling sick, sometimes you can feel a lot worse, while other times you can feel better. You should avoid working out with a fever but having minor congestion or a minor headache may be perfectly fine. While ill, you should drink a lot of water and take vitamin C as well as Zinc tabs which can help you feel better sooner. CNET offered some great advice on whether to work out while ill. Check out their article below

Should you work out when you're sick? It depends on your symptoms

Follow the "above the neck" rule. Amanda Capritto Oct. 30, 2020 10:10 a.m. Getting sick can throw off your fitness routine, and for those who love working out, that's a big bummer. It's tempting for fitness enthusiasts to continue their usual routine even while battling a cold, but certain symptoms indicate that you should allow your body to recuperate before exercising again. Note: If you feel sick, you should not work out in a gym, fitness studio or any area where you'll be in proximity to other people. Even if you only have minor symptoms, it's safest to work out at home or go for a walk in a lightly populated area. With that in mind, here's when it's safe to exercise and when you should rest. Read more