Why do your shoulders ache while running and what you can do about it.

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One of the most common complaints from runners is that their shoulders are tight or ache during and after their runs. They also feel it in their necks as well. We are bombarded with messages about which shoes to wear, what you should do with your training, or what is wrong with your stride. Many of these one size fits all ideas may be addressing symptoms rather than the problems that make us feel that way. Everyone adapts to their body style, their running style, their walking style, and even their posture as they mature, grow and recover from injuries. We have been adapting since we were born. This adaptation is often the cause of how we hold our shoulders while we run and may give us clues as to why we have certain problems.

The most common poor adaptation causing shoulder pain.

One of the most common running adaptations is over and under striding which means one leg extends farther than the other during your runs.   This can be caused by asymmetries in your core, or your legs and is often easily improved with foot orthotics. This will also affect your upper body which acts as a counter stride. Even with foot orthotics, your sore muscles and the fascia which are the connective tissues surrounding them into the legs and arms are often tight and the joints in your spine and extremities may not be moving properly as a result.   Here is where your local sports chiropractor can be your greatest asset since asymmetrical running styles will result in core problems, shin pain, stress fractures, plantar fasciitis, back pain, and shoulder pain. Many runners try to run through the pain thinking it is part of developing their body for running.   Often their inexperience leads to injuries because they cannot discern training soreness from an injury. Treadmill evaluations can help sort out bad habits which may be causing shoulder and neck pain during your run.   A holistic chiropractic exam can also help understand poor adaptations and help you avoid future injuries by readapting. I found this great article that simplifies understanding general causes of should pain while you run.  Check it out below

Why do my shoulders hurt while running? A physio breaks down 8 issues and solutions

BY ALICE PORTER FOR WORKOUTS Running is widely considered to be a lower body-focused exercise. It engages nearly every part of your legs and often leaves you with sore hamstrings and calves. But running is actually a full-body workout, engaging your abs and your back as well as various leg muscles. However, this doesn’t mean that your entire body should be sore after a run. In fact, there are some areas of your body in which soreness during or after a run could be a sign of a bigger problem. This is the case with your shoulders, which for a variety of reasons, might feel sore while you’re running or ache the day after. Although your shoulders are engaged while running, due to the way your arms swing, they shouldn’t be a particular area of soreness. Read more