Sinus problems. An interesting article in NY Times You Should Read.

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Sinus problems. An interesting article in NY Times You Should Read. I came across this article on Sinusitis, a problem plaguing many of our patients, especially as allergy season kicks in. Allergens will swell the sinus cavities and make them hypersensitive, causing sneezing, the typical running nose, red eyes and a host of other chronic problems that may include infection. I have had patients actually throw their backs out from the sneezing that often violently occurs so prevention is desirable. I have recommended a drug free preventative solution I have been using for the past year. It is called Allergen Block, made by Chloroseptic. You can purchase this in the local Walgreens, Eckert and CVS. It is a small tube with a jell you apply around the nose and it blocks the allergens from coming in. Since I have been using it, I have had far fewer attacks of allergy symptoms and have avoided many of the medications which I find to leave me with a drug hangover. Try it now, what do you have to lose. If it works for you, I buy it inexpensively on ebay 3-4 at a time. The inside word is that the inventor of this may take this private. The good news is that it also is available in a childrens version. Here is the article I had mentioned earlier:
Reporter's File
The humble sinuses, those hollow cavities hidden in the bones around the nose, usually draw little appreciation. But nothing makes one yearn for clear sinuses like sinusitis, a condition that can make the head feel as if it were filled with cement and can render read the entire article here