Skipping; Jumping rope is a great workout for anyone. Here are some helpful tips.

Skipping; Jumping rope is a great workout for anyone. Here are some helpful tips.

Have you ever skipped or jumped rope?   I am finally getting the hang of it for myself.

If you are just starting, you do not have to invest a lot of money on a rope. My current rope was purchased from Marshalls for $5.

You should adjust the rope which can be made of either actual rope, a vinyl material or vinyl with a metal rope insert.  Adjusting the length of the rope is essential so it does not drag on the floor.   Also, jumping on wood or a solid floor is better because the rope can hit the floor with little drag as you swing it around again.   Jumping on a thick carpet can slow down the rope revolutions if it hits the carpet causing the rope to hit your toes.

Start slowly, since jumping rope is all about rhythm.   Once you get the rhythm, try to jump at least 20-25 times in a row and gradually build up until you can go at least 5-20 minutes.

Your calves are likely going to be sore at first until you build yourself up and you will need to develop your breathing capacity as you continue to go longer.

Skipping rope is a great cardiovascular workout.  Having short high-intensity workouts can be hugely beneficial to your overall health and fitness.

Stylist magazine offers some great tips on jumping rope.  Check them out below

Skipping: how jump rope is helping people through lockdown fatigue


If you want an on-trend cardio workout, don’t overlook skipping. During lockdown, Google searches for the exercise spiked higher than they have at any point in the past five years. Instagram and TikTok feeds are filled with people doing dances and tricks with their jump ropes, and more places are beginning to stock them, from Instagrammable fitness accessory brand Shreddy’s sell-out skipping rope to supplement supplier MyProtein’s deluxe kit.

It’s not surprising that we are seeing new ways of training take favour over the classic workouts. It’s generally been out with weight lifting and spinning, thanks to a lack of kit, and in with barrewalking and HIIT – simple workouts with a minimal kit that provide great results.

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