Sleep deprived; you’re not alone. Here are some recommendations to improve your sleep courtesy of the NY Times.

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Sleep deprived; you're not alone.  Here are some recommendations to improve your sleep courtesy of the NY Times. Sleep problems are a common problem and you are not alone.   Many people visit sleep specialists, use C-Pap machines, and try numerous techniques to improve the quality of how they sleep without much improvement. Others take products such as melatonin, or Integrative Therapeutics sleep aids such as Cortisol Manager which helps many people.  Others take a glass of warm milk before bedtime because of the effect of Tryptophan and others may use valerian root. Recently, the NY Times explored the problem with sleep and offered some suggestions.  Check out the article here. Feeling Groggy? Here’s How to Stop Robbing Yourself of Good Sleep By TIM HERRERAOCT. 29, 2017 Daylight saving time comes to an end for most of us this weekend, bringing that twice-yearly ritual of feeling completely out of sorts the next Monday as we adjust our sleeping schedules. The importance of good sleep hygiene truly can’t be overstated, so this is as good a time as any to re-evaluate how we sleep. To wit, here are a few things that can result from bad sleeping habits: • Weight gain • Increased rates of workplace accidents • Driving abilities on par with those of drunken drivers • Problems staying focused • Higher likelihoods of catching a cold So before you doze off for another 10 minutes before getting ready for work — I assume you’re reading this in bed as you put off jumping in the shower — here are few things that can help you wake up more refreshed and better prepared to tackle your day. Read more