Which are the best ways to stop mosquito bites from itching

Which are the best ways to stop mosquito bites from itching

It has been a mostly hot summer and at times a very wet one.   One of the side effects of rain is algae in my pool.   Another side effect is mosquitos due to standing water.

True, the mosquito larvae in my pond are a great snack for my fish, but it’s also true that those puddles help mosquitos thrive.

It is true that there are a number of things you can use to keep mosquitos away, but it is also true that these methods are not foolproof.

What can you do it you have been bitten, and how can you avoid the itch and irritation?

Check out this article that offers great advice on what to do and what treatments you should avoid.

How to Make Mosquito Bites Stop Itching: 5 Treatments to Try-and 9 to Skip

Many tried-and-true mosquito bite treatments can relieve itch fast, but some home remedies could hurt more than help.

By Lauren Krouse June 08, 2021

This time of year, everyone wants to know how to make mosquito bites stop itching. With plenty of backyard barbecues, family picnics, and lakeside hangouts ahead, it’s only a matter of time before relentlessly itchy red spots start to pop up (if they haven’t already).

If the overwhelming urge to scratch at a cluster of mosquito bites is disrupting your summer plans, there are a slew of different treatments and home remedies you could try to help relieve your itch. Some are backed by science, others not so much.

Here, learn why the itch from mosquito bites itch so much, which treatments actually work, and how to keep bloodsuckers away all summer long, with expert insight from doctors.

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