Stretching gently after running – Runners World video offers some advice

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The runners are out now in full force, now that the weather is getting warmer. Our advice is simple, foam roll prior to a run to improve flexibility and form, gently stretch afterward to help with the healing and recovery process. Years ago, everyone stretched prior however, about 30 years ago, a group called SPRI from Illinois and Robert Gagda, in his book total body training challenged this philosophy by calling for pre-run exercises. Our recommended routine prior to a run includes the following: Foam Roll is stiff prior to warming up

Warm-up doing

1. Hip extensions 2. Lateral leg raises 3. Core regimens such as the roman chair, sit-ups, bridges, etc. 4. Calf raises. 5. Push-ups. 6. Balance on each leg 30 seconds. Then run End with Stretches as recommended by Runners World Check out this advice from Runners World regarding after run stretching here