Study Favors Chiropractic over Surgical Discectomy for Sciatica

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 I recently came across a study in the JMPT (Journal of Manipulative Therapeutics) regarding Maniopulation (mostly done by chiropractors) Vs. Microdiscectomy (micro dissection surgery) that is becoming very common and has quick recovery times.  There are many times I see patients going to their doctor and having tests such as MRI done and then waiting for the dreaded decision.  As many of you know, we often resolve back problems before MRI is required and before a referral is ever needed. The fact is, often, our care costs less than the MRI.  The reality is that the way we walk (gait) determines the way we function and also determines our likelihood in developing a herniated disc requring surgery in the first place.  Even though the study shows outcomes are similar between manipulation and microdiscectomy, the overall management of the gait issue assures a much better outcome thant manipulation or surgery.
    I have had many people avoid surgery with our approach.  I often see people who are in severe pain make rash decisions when they are irritable and scared like visiting the emergency room for back pain or immediately undergoing an MRI and taking pills that do not improve function.  For Sciatica, see us first.  You will get better faster, more safely, with less intervention with care centered on long term resolution of your problem, rather than just the symptom of back pain.