Sugar, mice and your health, the Washington Post Explores.

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Sugar, mice and your health, the Washington Post Explores. I have heard from some sources that sugar is toxic to us. Many of us love sugary drinks, foods and sweet things and for food companies, what is important is sweet sells. Most food companies are in the business of creating products people like, selling them and expanding their availability as sales increase. Unfortunately, not everything we as humans get a taste for is good for us and there is evidence, in mice for now, that sugar is indeed a toxin and can shorten our lives, and create complications. While mice may not be indicative of how sugar affects humans, perhaps limiting sugar, or at least the types of sugar we take in (high fructose corn syrup has a bad health reputation), some of today's chronic diseases may go away or at least been seen less frequently in doctor's offices. Check out the article here

By Meeri Kim, Published: August 13

Sugar, even at moderate levels, could be toxic to your health — or at least to your sex life, a new study says. Scientists at the University of Utah looked at how sugar affected mice and found that the mouse equivalent of just three sugary sodas a day had significant negative effects on life span and competition for mates. That's three sodas if the rest of your diet is pristine and sugar-free," said lead author and biologist James S. Ruff. "And those are 12-ounce sodas, not double Big Gulps." Sugar-fed females died twice as quickly as control mice, which were fed the same total number of calories. While the sugar-fed males did not die more quickly, they had trouble competing against the control males for mates and were less likely to hold territory and reproduce. The study was published online Tuesday by the journal Nature Communications. For the rodents on the sweetened diet, read more here