Summer sandals that can relieve back pain; where to find them now before the summer season.

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Back pain during the summer months can be relieved by wearing the right sandals and flip-flops. [caption id="attachment_9500" align="alignright" width="300"] Powerstep Fusion Sandal $67.50[/caption] Great sandals do not have to cost a fortune, and our offices have two summer sandal styles from Powerstep you will want to wear this summer. Their flip flop Fusion retails for $67.50.  All Powerstep sandals are now available in our offices by special order.  You can purchase your sandals as prescribed by your doctor under both your HSA as well as your HRA account as a medical expense. We have display samples of both the men's flip flop style sandals which come in brown and black and women's which come in brown, black, and teal as pictured. The all-new Powerstep slides (left) are in black for both men's and women's sizes.  These retail for $71.00 and are immediately available for special orders as well.  If you would like to order either the slides or the thong-type sandals, you may do so by asking at the front desk or by asking the doctor during your next visit. [caption id="attachment_9501" align="alignleft" width="300"] Powerstep Fusion Slide $71.00[/caption] If you are happy with the Powerstep line of foot orthotics, you will love the fact that fusion sandals have a similar footbed. When ordering, be sure to order them to the largest size as they come in full sizes only. We receive sandals that are specially ordered within three business days and they can be picked up from either office.  Dr. C. is convinced that you will be thrilled with these sandals which are well priced and exceptionally designed when compared to the competition. Those who have very flat feet may wish to have a different style of sandal that is less aggressive in the arch.  There are a number of sandals that do this well such as the Reef line of sandals that are sold in DSW and other stores. If you are wondering which sandals are right for you, ask your chiropractor. If you experience back pain, a sandal like this may be just what the doctor ordered. Dr. Charschan is featured in the video below where he takes you to both DSW and the Walking company and shows you what you should look for in a summer sandal.  Check it out below