Super core stability exercises that can enhance your run courtesy of Runners World Magazine

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RUNNERS 4Super core stability exercises that can enhance your run courtesy of Runners World Magazine Many so called overuse injuries from running are not overuse at all, but an expression of mechanical weakness.  While you may be training for a half or full marathon with your legs, your core and your upper body may be lagging behind conditioning wise, affecting your posture as you increase your mileage. There are many instances of professional runners entering the finish line of the New York marathon with terrible form and posture.   The truth is, the upper body can take down the lower body functionally, and visa versa, so a high level of tone in the posterior chains of the body which improves running symmetry and performance. The science of training for a long run is not just about the distance, or the speed, it is about the mechanical process that propels you forward while the opposite side acts like a counter weight and counter strides.  Just imagine that your hips are in level, there is a lot of side to side movement which wastes energy, all because of core instability issues.  During a 3-5 mile run, you are likely to tolerate it, but training for a half or full marathon or a Triathlon will show a weak core which can manifest itself as side stitches, or worse, muscle pulls, knee pain and even plantar fasciitis. While these exercises will not solve every problem, strategies such as foam rolling prior to your run can definitely help.  Sometimes, it is helpful to go on a treadmill and have a friend do a phone video of you running.  You may be surprised at what you may see.  If there is marked asymmetry, you may consider a good sports chiropractor who has experience with runners.   It is what you don't understand or do not see that can hurt you, and make training for your event much more difficult than it needs to be. Runners World just added these nice core stability exercises to their site.  Check them out here 5 Core Exercises That Help You Finish Strong.  These moves will help you maintain good form on every run. By K. Aleisha Fetters MONDAY, OCTOBER 31, 2016 At the start of a run, it's easy to run "tall" with good form"”head balanced over shoulders, shoulders over hips. But as you tire, form often falls apart"”your head juts forward, your shoulders slump, your torso hinges forward. That can slow you down, up your injury risk, and make those last few miles feel harder. By adding a few strengthening exercises to your routine, your body will have an easier time maintaining proper posture, says 2:39 marathoner Jason Fitzgerald, who is the founder and head coach of Strength Running. Do these exercises as a circuit, going from one to the next until you complete all five. Do the full circuit three times. Read more