Supply chains are affecting your next running shoe purchase. Are all the companies trying to design the next Hoka shoe?

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Looking to lease that next car; good luck.   Buying that new couch on display; good luck.  Do you want to buy that new running shoe; you may need some luck as well. Even my newest guitar pedal from Boss is delayed for four months. Last week I spoke with Rob at Runners High in Metuchen while dropping off some brochures at the store.   We spent an hour discussing how the running shoe industry is performing, what is new in the area of shoes, and of course, his adorable new dog. According to Rob, all of the running companies are now chasing Hoka which is owned by Deckers.   Rob says that Decker's supply chains are a mess.   As a small retailer, you must have adequate supply to sell shoes and Hoka shoes are often coming in as groups of one size, or not coming in at all.   Their newest shoes are unavailable and a retailer he spoke with just got delivery from an order that was placed last September, and the model is technically last year's model. Hoka is now a runaway hit as runners love the deep pocket design, its ability to accommodate lower arches and wider feet while absorbing shock by spreading out the force through its straight last (the bottom of the shoe). Many of the other shoe manufacturers are now chasing Hoka trying to develop new shoes that work similarly without outright copying and infringing on their patents.   When everyone wants your shoe, and when we have supply chain problems, buying a shoe can be as frustrating as buying a popular car. Be flexible in your thinking and you may be pleasantly surprised at what you will discover.

What is a runner to do?

  • Be patient and try out other designs that are available.  You may be surprised by what you will find.
  • Avoid the temptation to overpay for the shoe.  No doubt, some of these are landing on amazon and eBay way above list price. Saying no will cause prices to drop and will ease supply chains.
  • Wearing the right orthotics in your shoes may be a better idea than thinking that the shoe will correct your running problems or bad habits.
  • Have a good sports chiropractor who can help you determine which shoe is right for you. They can also help determine if your problems are resulting from poor running habits or core issues that require the attention of a healthcare professional.   We can help.  Book online here.