The 105 year old world record cyclist. Check this out

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Image result for Mr. Marchand The 105 year old world record cyclist.  Check this out Many Americans are staying active into their older years, playing tennis in their 70's and keeping aerobically fit.   Recently I came across a French amateur cyclist who puts most of us to shame, since he is over 100 years old and he is a world record holder. The NY times recently reported on this remarkable athlete.  The Journal of Applied Physiology recently did a study of this athlete which shows that what we think is impossible at certain ages actually is quite possible no matter how old we become. The athlete in question, Mr. Marchand pedaled more than 14 miles on an indoor track a month ago in under an hour setting a world record.  Check out the article  below Lessons on Aging Well, From a 105-Year-Old Cyclist By GRETCHEN REYNOLDS FEB. 8, 2017 At the age of 105, the French amateur cyclist and world-record holder Robert Marchand is more aerobically fit than most 50-year-olds — and appears to be getting even fitter as he ages, according to a revelatory new study of his physiology. The study, which appeared in December in The Journal of Applied Physiology, may help to rewrite scientific expectations of how our bodies age and what is possible for any of us athletically, no matter how old we are. Many people first heard of Mr. Marchand last month, when he set a world record in one-hour cycling, an event in which someone rides as many miles as possible on an indoor track in 60 minutes. Mr. Marchand pedaled more than 14 miles, setting a global benchmark for cyclists age 105 and older. That classification had to be created specifically to accommodate him. No one his age previously had attempted the record. Read more