Pain free body building using the basics of breathing, a guest post


Pain free body building using the basics of breathing, a guest post.

The world of fitness & exercise, whether to look better or perform better, is filled with flashy click bait and devoid of what really matters; fundamentals.

Touching your toes should be as easy as blowing your nose, but usually it’s not. Confused?

My potential clients claim they have tight hamstrings or that their backs are stiff. Hello!  Herein lies the problem.

These same potential clients are dragging their bones, joints, and muscles through another boot-camp, distance run, or Cross-fit class only to pop pills afterwards because they are tough or self-proclaimed warriors.

The bad news is, they ARE GOING BACKWARDS and killing your digestive system in the process!

Here is a more helpful idea; I will stop hammering you if each morning for the next 30 days you can add one thing to your daily routine.

Would you care to guess what it is? Water? Walk? Hot tea? (Hint: It’s 1st thing you did when you were born and  the last thing you will do before you exit earth). Anyone? Breathe! That’s right, 1st breath and last breath.

I confess that a developed back, biceps and buttock is a sight to behold but what is unseen is way more attractive and useful then the superficial skin dressing. The most functional, powerful and undertrained muscle in the body is the diaphragm.  It is mushroom shaped and allows ribs, lungs, lower back and, most importantly, the brain to work on higher levels. Breathe well, move well, and think well. From the ancient art of yoga to martial arts to making a wish over a dandelion…just put your lips together and blow.

Our days and nights in the Western world are all about doing more, producing more, and tolerating more. Take these pills, drink this wine, smoke this whatever, and pay later, plus interest! Distress leads to oxidation which leads to coping tools (food or drugs), which leads to distal problems usually “unrelated”, says your prescription writing doctor.

What if you could mitigate and really deal with your day to day anxiety by having more capillaries and a better Teflon inside to deal with the outside world? Would you sign up or ask me to stop nagging you? I can relate to my clients in more ways than they can possibly imagine.

I used to powerlift and felt great before, during and after. Hmm? Maybe because I was creating such pressure in my abdomen and diaphragm while pulling and pushing and squatting? These are maneuvers that require me to lift and breathe. Work harder and smarter. Revolutionary!

Believe it or not, being calm under stress is of great importance. Your hormones, mainly cortisol, hits your bloodstream time after time. Shouting at your kids and television has a major systemic effect on your ability to toe touch and will eventually result in back pain, belly fat, or divorce from your spouse.

Conversely, if you can remain calm when you get cut off on the road, discipline your children, and show appreciation when people praise you, your body will get rid of carbon dioxide instead of flooding your bloodstream and belly with toxins. Having better stress habits is a solid win for your overall health.

Foam rolling is a new mainstream cool thing to do before you work out.  Roll everything and you should be ok. Huh? Soft tissue responds to tension and tension works from inside out, not outside in. Do some Myofascial Release Technique or rub the IT bands but that’s a superficial cure. To quote Arnold Schwarzenegger in Commando, “let off some steam (insert name here).

There are many methods and routines used to create a parasympathetic state. You can also simply relax and heal. Google, You Tube or ask me to get started toward a more pain free and flexible life. Live in the moment and get a grip on your air!

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