Cnet offers guidance on the best masks you can buy for exercising.

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We are all wearing masks to reduce and control the spread of Covid19. They can be uncomfortable especially in warm weather and while exercising. If you are exercising near others, especially since the gyms re now open in NJ, you will need to wear a mask while exercising near others indoors especially. Cnet just published a guide with helpful links so you can get these products and compare them easily. Check out their guide

Best face masks to use while exercising for 2020

And what to look for when you shop for a performance mask. Many fitness centers now either advise or require a face mask during exercise, including outside workouts. But two leading health agencies have offered advice that can be confusing when taken together. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that face masks or coverings are to be used in public when around other people to help slow the spread of coronavirus. But the World Health Organization has cautioned that mask-wearing while exercising can force sweat to accumulate and that might make it a little harder to breathe. (Here's how to make a mask more comfortable). Infectious disease expert Dr. Sandra Kesh told CNET that you should avoid going to group workouts or exercise classes for the time being and try to maintain physical distancing. And keep in mind, even if you're social distancing at a gym, having many people inside and lots of heavy (unmasked) breathing creates an environment where the virus might spread more easily. Read moreĀ