Getting rid of fat and running; the great fat burning zone myth.

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Working out incessantly is something people have done for years to avoid weight gain through aerobic and anaerobic exercise.   The bad news is that it doesn't work and often over time, it can damage the body as today's research has shown. HIIT (high-intensity short workouts) often are used to also help many of us stay fit and it appears to work as well as long workouts for fitness, but burning fat is another issue. Without getting into the weeds on this, fasts such as intermittent fasting as well as periodic fasts every two or three months for a couple of days can help change our body's fat set weight as well. Dieting has often been used to reduce weight but if you don't change your eating habits, the weight returns so this is not the answer either. What works? Check out this interesting blog post regarding fat burning and running courtesy of Runners World Magazines editors.

The Facts About Fat Burning and Running

Sorry, but there’s no workout “zone” that will magically melt your fat stores.

Runner’s WorldRunner’s World Editors If you’re reading this while sitting down, congratulations—you’re primarily burning fat. However, if you get up and start moving around your home, you won’t burn as much fat. And if you felt really active and broke into a sprint outside, you’ll be burning almost no fat. While everything we just said is true, it doesn’t mean all you have to do is sit tight and watch your fat stores melt away. The common presentation of how to exercise to lose fat—presented in admittedly exaggerated form above—is misleading. There’s no special “fat-burning zone” that’s key to getting lean. Here’s what you need to know about burning fat through exercise. Read more