The importance of muscle balance and running, according to The Washington Post.

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Core-Stability-100-Up-ball The importance of muscle balance and running, according to The Washington Post. Many avid and competitive runners develop problems with form and running style simply because they are too weak. While running may condition the lower body, the upper body is vitally important in holding form as well. Imagine, you are training for a marathon and your upper body does not have the conditioning of the lower body.  Can your upper body sustain those postures well for 26 miles. Of course, there is more to form than weakness, and many of us are asymmetrically built.  The truth is, as you train your lower body, you also need to train your upper body to maintain a proper center of gravity as you run. Check out this interesting article in The Washington Post Why balance can make or break a runner By Carolee Belkin Walker March 24 Especially in the spring, it can feel as if it"™s a balancing act to train for upcoming races. You"™re increasing your weekly mileage at the same time you"™re preparing healthy meals for your family and juggling deadlines at work. Yet for runners, the idea of balance could not be more critical, because running is, after all, an actual balancing act. "œWhen you run, you never have both feet on the ground at the same time," said Ian Hankins, head men"™s cross-country and track and field coach at the Catholic University of America. "œEverything needs to line up at the center of your body so you don"™t fall over. When your core and posterior chain are aligned and you"™re not tipping forward or leaning back, as a runner, you are more efficient and use less energy." Read more