The insanity of a Quintuple Anvil Triathlon; why would anyone want to do this?

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The insanity of a Quintuple Anvil Triathlon; why would anyone want to do this? This past summer, a few of our patients had trained for the Ironman Triathlon, a grueling race consisting of a 2.2-mile swim, a 112-mile bike ride and of course, a 26.2 marathon to finish it off.   The training these patients did require them to take on the full-time job of just getting in shape, aside from their other full-time job that pays the bills. Imagine doing this for five days in a row.   Unfortunately, our patients who tried the Ironman were unable to finish for various reasons, but doing this five days in a row without any recovery time is insane. The Quintuple Anvil Triathlon is just that; five days of Ironman like Triathlons without a break.  The race lasts for 703 miles. Check out this fascinating article regarding this insane event "How Much Suffering Can You Take?"™ Over 703 miles, a hardy band of pain enthusiasts tested the limits of both mind and body at the Quintuple Anvil Triathlon "five Ironman-length races in five days. By RANDAL C. ARCHIBOLDNOV. 1, 2016 SPOTSYLVANIA, Va. " Crushed by exhaustion, you may dream of a competitor"™s head morphing into a Pokémon-like demon " and then open your eyes and still see it. The next day, you will quit the race. To fill your queasy stomach during your third 112-mile bike ride, you will discover the best way to eat a sausage-and-egg sandwich: shove it in your mouth and let it slowly dissolve. After 500 miles on a bike, 10 in the water and more than 100 on foot, it will make perfect sense to grab a branch and a broomstick in a desperate bid to propel yourself " like a giant mutant insect "” the last 31 miles. It will not be enough. You will collapse on the road. Seasick, miles into the swim, you will vomit. Twice. Neck cramps will attack so fiercely on the bike that your head will slump. You will go cross-eyed and nearly crash. Read More