The mystery of dizziness can often have many causes, but one of the most common is relieved with chiropractic care.

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You wake up one morning and the world is spinning.  It makes you nauseous and you are unable to walk straight or lay down in certain positions. Many people immediately think they have an inner ear problem and are instructed in the Epley maneuver which is a series of stretches that is supposed to help but often is only able to temporarily relieve the condition. It is based on a theory of inner ear crystals moving with these positions.   It is my opinion as well as the opinion of medical medical providers that this maneuver merely stretches the neck muscles. Your family doctor or walk-in clinic may give you medication to relieve the condition but often these medications do not solve the problem either. You may hear about different theories such as viruses and other possible issues that may require a neurologist. You may then visit a menagerie of specialists in the medical system who run thousands of dollars of tests only to find nothing.   Then in the case of this recent reporter in the New Yorker, you find a group in Germany who seems to have a clue and they find a protein in your tears that is way too high and you hope this is the answer Or, you could have gone to a chiropractor first.

Why chiropractic care for vertigo?

Medicine has a huge blind spot called the musculoskeletal system.  When doctors don't know, and much is not understood medically about vertigo and the vestibular system, they test and these tests can cost thousands of dollars without finding anything of substance to help you with vertigo. While chiropractic care is about naturally and holistically looking at mechanical function and movement of the body, medicine is looking for a thing that may be the cause. Interestingly enough, a common finding in all of our patients who develop vertigo is that one side of the body is tighter than the other, pulling the skull to the side. Sometimes this is quite noticeable visually during an evaluation and vertigo often is accompanied by Jaw problems (TMJ) or different kinds of headaches.   Your chiropractor sees you, not just your symptoms. The over-specialization approach common in medicine as we practice it in the USA often fails spectacularly at resolving the problem and when it does, there is usually a drug you need to take forever. This is not problem-solving, but it is going to make you dependent on the drug relying on it for symptom relief, while the underlying cause is not properly treated to resolution. Your chiropractor on the other hand is more likely to take a primary care holistic approach to evaluating you, asking about your full history of back problems, foot issues, and even neck and shoulder issues to understand why the problem exists. Often, a few spinal adjustments combined with myofascial techniques and appropriate exercises that improve function, and restore symmetry will not only relieve the vertigo but often resolve it.   You may also find that the other chronic problems that come and go are no longer part of your daily life as well. Chiropractors keep it simple but understand you through a history and a functional exam while using a treatment well known to be safe and effective in improving how you feel and function. Surely, relieving vertigo cannot be that simple, but it is.   There is nothing more valuable than a thorough evaluation and a mechanical approach to a problem that is usually mechanical in nature.   Chiropractors are the body mechanics of the healthcare system. Solve the asymmetry, solve the vertigo. Complexity (medical approach to diagnosis) vs. simplicity (chiropractic and a holistic approach to care) you ultimately decide which way to proceed by whom you visit first. Most patients are pleasantly surprised at how safe and effective chiropractic care is.   Keep it simple, get great results, and find a better normal. If your problem requires medical intervention which in our experience is rare, your chiropractor who is trained to evaluate the neurological system will refer you to the appropriate specialist. Need help now, book online here.