The problem of pain

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Human beings suffer greatly from pain of different types. The medical industrial complex has spent decades making sure you visit them because they have the solutions. Their blind belief in this has caused immeasurable suffering over the years as people became addicted to drugs, had poorly diagnosed painful problems that got worse as they got older and were convinced they had diseases when in fact, it was their body mechanics that played a large part in their suffering. Chiropractic came along in 1895 and has won acceptance in the mainstream and continues to help people and win battles such as being fully integrated into the armed forces (legislation is pending to make chiropractors available at all official VA sites. We are even fighting the uphill battle for full medicare inclusion and full and unobstructed inclusion in the future healthcare system. I just heard about a web site that is hosted on Newsweek named Why everything you hear about Medicine is Wrong (click the words to visit the site). Our profession offers help to many who suffer needlessly and many have learned to be untrusting of other healthcare professions, even if their doctors are more effective, safer and understand the body better. You should read this article. It is enlightening and tells it like it is. The medical industrial complex wants to make you believe we have the best healthcare in the world. I believe they have sold us an expensive and dangerous fairytale that has hurt millions and preyed on our insecurity. What do you think? As always, I value your opinion