The problem with one size fits all diets, and the future of dieting based on your genes.

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gene The problem with one size fits all diets, and the future of dieting based on your genes. Well, it is almost New Year's Eve and many of you are probably thinking of resolutions, one of the most common being the need to lose the weight of the holidays and perhaps more.   As many of you know, most diets are unenjoyable, unsustainable and many just fail to work. Part of the problem may be that we are all different genetically, and one diet and its components may do perfectly well for one person, while the same foods for another just does not help them lose the weight they wanted to lose. Age also has something to do with weight loss as well as your fitness level and fat body level.   The mere fact that fat burns 4 calories per hour, but muscles that are added on with muscle mass are burning more at rest at about twice that. We have choices including weight watchers, Atkins, Paleo and a long list of others but which is right for you.  A book that was published years ago and was popular suggested that certain blood types needs certain foods and do best by staying away from others. A new trend based on the science of how we process and are built genetically is now being developed.  First you test the genes of the person and then you recommend the diet.  Instead of hit and miss, the new DNA based approach may make dieting more successful and less difficult by first understanding how your body processes food.  This can be a game changer.  Check it out below. Forget Paleo, 5:2 and Atkins! Personalized diets based on YOUR genes 'will be available within 5 years'
  • Customized diets based on a person's DNA 'will be available by 2020' People will provide a saliva sample which will be used for gene sequencing Automated sensors will collect information about a person's environment, diet, activity levels and stress levels Computer algorithm will then collate results to provide tailored diet plans Experts say the technology will help those who find exercise less effective
By LISA RYAN FOR DAILYMAIL.COM PUBLISHED: 12:05 EST, 23 December 2015 For serial dieters, Paleo, 5:2, Atkins and Weight Watchers are all too familiar. Millions across the world will have tried the weight loss plans, yet failed to shed pounds and keep them off. But, the Holy Grail of dieting could be within reach, experts believe, and it's known as 'precision weight loss'. They say personalized diets will be available by the end of the decade. The customized plans use a person's genetic make up to determine their food intake, and physical activities, scientists said. Study leader Dr Molly Bray, a geneticist and professor of nutritional sciences at the University of Texas at Austin, said: "I think within five years, we"™ll see people start to use a combination of genetic, behavioral and other sophisticated data to develop individualized weight management plans."™ Read more