The skin you’re in; taking care of sunburn and other things that irritate your skin during the summer.


The skin you’re in; taking care of sunburn and other things that irritate your skin during the summer.

We have all experienced sunburn from one time or another, as well as other types of irritations from plants. There are a number of ways to get relief of these conditions and understanding how the skin works can be quite helpful during the summer months.

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Summer Skin Care; Could be the season of the itch

As appealing as the long afternoons, soaring temperatures and time outside can be, they also signal a harsh environment that can assault the skin. This elastic, tough covering keeps our internal organs moist while keeping out microbes, insects and UV radiation. It protects us from abrasions and chemicals. It also plays a major role in thermoregulation, keeping our bodies cool through sweating.

Luckily, skin has great regenerative capacity,” says Ray Jalian, a cosmetic dermatologist at UCLA Medical Center. “The skin’s epidermis has five layers, and the cells in the underlayers are constantly dividing.” Skin cells take about a month to migrate to the outermost layer, where they are sloughed off and shed.

Still, skin is susceptible to external assaults. Skin provides lush habitat for an ecosystem of microorganisms, which can take hold and mount an infection. The same insects, chemicals and ultraviolet rays that skin protects us from can wreak havoc on the skin’s defenses.

There are several skin conditions that tend to get worse in the summer,” says Dr. Sarah Gee, assistant clinical professor of dermatology at UCLA. Heat and sweat create the perfect environment for microbial colonies. And when people spend more time outdoors, they’re more likely to encounter blood-seeking insects, poison oak and other irritants. Each summer, the dermatology clinic sees an influx of patients with rashes, bumps and skin irritations. What follows is a guide to some of the most common summer skin conditions.

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