The spring cleanup ritual has arrived

Ok, the snow is going around and now what?  Did you see all that muck underneath the melted snow including the itchy balls (hundreds of them), dead leaves and other stuff.  It is now time for the annual spring cleanup for all you home owners.  That means bagging, blowing, lifting, dragging and getting rid of the stuff so you can get your lawn and house looking nice for the summer months to come. 

Have you asked yourself if your body is ready for the task?  In many spring cleanup’s many of our patients find out that no, it is not.  They may have strained themselves removing snow and doing other things and they may also be out of condition for a task they do only periodically.

This means it is time for putting chiropractic back on your radar.  Lately, we have seen quite a number of people who tightened up during snow removal who just thought it would go away.  This usually means their back is in spasm but they are tolerating it because it they can still function with it in its current condition.  When the pelvic body mechanics are compromised, your body loses leverage and power.  Stretching does little improve this phenomenon because of shortened myofascial and loading it up with spring cleaning will surely increase the likelihood of an acute exacerbation that could take weeks to treat.

Our recommendation is to get back into the chiropractic habit now, before doing spring cleaning.  I realize we are all busy but you need to take care of yourself first.  One or two visits can pay off big when hitting a ball, raking, bagging and lifting.  Now is the time to do it.  Make this your priority.  Your body and your spouse will thank you.