What most doctors don’t want you to know about plantar fasciitis and how to resolve it as explained in this informative video.

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Plantar fasciitis is a problem experienced by many people who run and even those who just walk.  It seems that there are many treatments for the condition, however, most of those treatments, while they may relieve the condition fail to bring lasting relief. The reason most treatments do not work is because they treat the symptom, while ignoring the mechanism behind your foot and heel pain.  True, the condition is felt at the heel and the bottom of the foot. The ultimate cause however, has to do with how your body absorbs shock and propels your body forward as you walk, something you will probably never hear from most doctors. If not properly addressed, you are likely to also experience stress fractures, sore ankles, back and knee problems and a number of other painful conditions in the leg, knees and feet as well. Wikipedia says Plantar fasciitis is a disorder that results in pain in the heel and bottom of the foot.  You can read about it here.  The key words here are "results in".   It is the mechanism that is the problem and with the minimal training most medical providers have, they see the heel and the pain as the problem and with medication does not help (it won't), they send you to people to do stuff to it such as injections, foot orthotics and even rehabilitation in a piecemeal fashion.   Wikipedia also lists the typical treatments but most of them, while they may temporarily relieve the problem do not resolve it long term.   Unless you change the mechanism, as Wikipedia alludes to but poorly describes, and understand what you are treating, you are likely to never truly resolve the problem.  While the tissues on the bottom of the foot may require some care, the problem seldom gets better with traditional methods of working on the area of pain. We are all built differently, and our body style often is the reason behind plantar fasciitis.  Does your doctor understand your unique body style and why you are in pain or are they recommending the same treatment to the painful area of stretching, injections and when all else fails, expensive medical procedures that can change your life and the way you walk forever, but not necessarily in a good way. Watch this video and you will understand this better than most doctors and podiatrists do.   Then feel free to share it with others. Check out the video here