Thinking of running your first 5k? Here is some great advice on how to do it and succeed.

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If you have never run long distances before, a 5k is a great first goal.   Getting started is the hard part as you develop your lung capacity and endurance. We are all built differently and some of us are naturally built for speed while others may have to work harder at it. Getting started is the hard part.  After you purchase a good pair of running shoes, what should you do next? Here is some great advice from a certified trainer who published this article for Cnet.   As you begin to build up your body and your mileage, local running clubs can help you meet experienced runners who can be great mentors for running longer distances, improving your form and your endurance.  Check the article out below It's never too late to run your first 5K. Here's how

Anyone can run a 5K -- yes, even you. A certified trainer shares her top tips and mistakes to avoid.

Mercey Livingston Jan. 8, 2022 Whether you're a runner who's taken some time off or you consider yourself a total newbie, setting a goal to run your first 5K (aka 3.1 miles) is a great way to start the new year. Even though training for a 5K is not quite the same commitment as training for a longer race like a marathon, it still requires strategy and planning in order to pull it off safely. Not quite ready to lace up those running shoes yet? Running has a ton of benefits that'll help convince you to start, if you're still on the fence. "Running will improve just about every part of your body, inside and out," says Tone & Sculpt trainer Melissa Kendter. "It keeps your heart healthy, regulates your blood pressure, improves cognitive function, boosts mood, manages weight, builds confidence and so much more." Regardless of where you are in your race training, below, Kendter shares some of the top mistakes to avoid when running your first 5K and more tips on how to get started. Read more