This common skin cancer is recognizable and treatable; here’s some advice from the NY Times.

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One of the bad things that my generation of baby boomers experience is the need for skin checks related to skin cancers.

Our generation used little or no sun block, sat out for hours using as little as baby oil and iodine to increase tanning with a reflector to concentrate the rays.

To the younger generation, this sounds crazy but this was the norm more than the exception to the rule.

Of course, many years later, dermatologists are finding skin cancers such as melanoma which can be deadly and Basil Cell carcinoma, which is easy to detect on yourself and has been in the news lately due to Richard Simmons raising public awareness.

Check out the article in the NY Times below

The fitness celebrity Richard Simmons said he was treated for basal cell carcinoma. Here’s how to recognize and prevent it.

By Dani Blum Published March 20, 2024

Basal cell carcinoma is the most common form of skin cancer, but it can be easy to miss, or mistake for another skin issue.

Doctors often discover the cancer during a routine skin check, said Dr. Melissa Piliang, chairman of the dermatology department at Cleveland Clinic. “A patient may not have even noticed” signs of the disease, she said.

In a Facebook post this week, the health and fitness personality Richard Simmons announced he had been treated for basal cell carcinoma. He said he first noticed a “strange looking bump” under his eye that he tried treating with Neosporin. It was only after seeing a dermatologist that Mr. Simmons was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma.