Do you need three meals a day? Maybe you need to do the math.

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The idea of breakfast, lunch, and dinner evolved out of the industrial age.  Prior to that, people would have to farm or kill their meals which sometimes were not regularly available.  Our bodies as well as those of other animals have evolved to deal with fasting if the food was unavailable and then gorging when it was available.   We are not the only mammals who do this as I witnessed during our recent safari trip to Africa. I recent blog post asks us if we really need three meals a day.   The author suggests it's all about the math.  The average person requires 2000 calories a day. Do these meals satisfy this need, exceed it, or are you under-consuming? My recent use of the noom app which I used as a diet and weight control tool made me more aware of my caloric intake for weight loss or maintenance.   Eat too much, your weight may increase, or consume too little you lose weight, it's that simple. Not sure why you gained weight? The calorie counts in your local restaurant may surprise or shock you depending on your food attitude, but some meals are high enough in calories to exceed your daily needs.  Crazy, no?  Prior to listing calories on the food menus, we had no idea. Check out this interesting blog on food and the idea of three meals a day.

Do You Really Need 3 Meals a Day? A Dietitian Cracks the Code

Learn how many meals you should actually be eating, and how to stay on track without stressing about it.

Kim Wong-Shing June 18, 2022 Ever since I can remember, I've been an erratic eater. I snack like it's my job, almost never cook and have a bad habit of skipping meals until I'm so hangry, I'm practically feral. Three meals a day was a rare victory. I'm not alone. According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, the proportion of people consuming three meals a day declined significantly from the 1970s to 2010 (73% to 59% in men, and 75% to 63% in women). I'd venture to guess those numbers have gone down even more in the 12 years since that survey, as stress and burnout has reached a fever pitch in recent years. An informal poll of my friends this year revealed that only nine out of 25 eat three square meals a day. Read more