Tips on preventing blisters from Men’s Health Magazine.

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Tblisterips on preventing blisters from Men's Health Magazine. If you have ever had blisters on your feet, or on your heel, you know how painful it can be. Blisters occur from motion and rubbing, and the friction causes the layers between the skin to separate, and often, fluid builds up in the blister. The trick is to reduce the rubbing and motion in your shoe which will reduce the likelihood of a blister ever developing.  For those who already have a blister, applying moleskin can help since it adheres to the skin over the blister and the rubbing if it occurs happens to the moleskin, not you. Check out this wonderful article from Men's Health. How to Prevent Blisters From Ever Happening Again By CHRISTA SGOBBA Whether you"™re running a marathon or just breaking in a new pair of Oxfords, try this trick with a piece of tape to keep your feet blister-free Applying tape can prevent the development of painful blisters, new research from Stanford University School of Medicine suggests. The researchers found that covering parts of ultra-marathoners"™ feet with paper surgical tape"”which you can buy in the first aid section of any drugstore"”before their race began reduced blister development by 40 percent. In fact, only 23 percent of the runners developed blisters underneath the taped area of their feet, compared to 63 percent who developed them underneath the un-taped areas. (The remaining 17 percent were lucky enough not to acquire any at all.) Blisters occur when your skin cells become damaged and separate, due to friction from another object"”like your shoes"”rubbing up against them. Read more One thing they did not mention is the idea of re lacing your shoes.  Whether you are a runner, or someone walking a lot, re lacing can make the shoe more snug so you do not experience motion in the shoe.  Of course, buying a shoe that is sized correctly is very important as well.  If you are not sure about how to size a shoe, check out our how to video here .