Too many health screening tests from your doctor? See what Consumer Reports advises you do.

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Too many health screening tests from your doctor? See what Consumer Reports advises you do. When you go to your doctor, it is likely that they will take some blood, check your heart, blood pressure and your weight. Most of these health screens offer your doctor that necessary data they need to advise you on your current health status.   Some of these tests such as the PSA may not be necessary at certain ages and may lead to false positives and unnecessary and sometimes harmful interventions. In our office, we do not order many MRI exams since most of our patients improve, however, it is not uncommon for your medical doctor to order these tests to help them medically diagnose your condition.   Are these costly tests really necessary?  Consumer Reports weighs in on which tests you need, which ones you can avoid and which ones may be totally useless. Some large health companies are recommending the idea of full body MRI scans.  These tests may offer a view into the body, however, without all the other necessary health data, may lead someone to seek out interventions for problems that do not exist and may actually be harmful. Other tests may not offer any health benefit as well, although they are expensive and the provider may be able to justify billing you and your insurance carrier for the service. Check out the article below Before You Get Those Screening Tests, Ask These Questions Should you get a colonoscopy? What about a test for diabetes? Here's what you should know. By Catherine Roberts December 03, 2018 Having a screening test—which looks for signs of a disease before it shows symptoms—sounds like a good idea. And it can be. For instance, in the U.S., regular screening is thought to have contributed to a 50 percent reduction in deaths from cervical cancer over the last 30 years, according to the American Cancer Society. Yet not every screening test is right for every person, and it’s important, in partnership with your doctor, to determine whether a test you’re considering is really right for you. Asking your doctors certain questions can help you figure this out. Try these: Read more