Traditional Vaccination and the flu, is there another way?

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Traditional Vaccination and the flu, is there another way?
We are in the middle of flu season. Every year, the centers for disease control (CDC) determines which strain of the flu they will recommend to the public, with the help of big pharma who has the infrastructure to develop and distribute the vaccine. While many vaccines have been shown to be helpful such as rubella, pertussus, etc., the flu vaccine is rather hit or miss. Remember the swine flu among others, that was supposed to be an epidemic threatening the lives of millions? It went by without a whimper. Epidemiologists assume the flu that was present in Asia last year will be the one we will get this year. Unfortunately, they often guess wrong and admit it, even though they believe it is worth having ( The marketing of the flu vaccine, from your local drug store chain to your local doctors office or hospital thus begins. Are we treating a "what if" disease and if so, when a true life threatening pandemic arises, will the public take it seriously after all the false alarms? Seniors are especially cautioned to take the vaccine as well because they are believed to be more susceptible. Is the yearly Flu vaccine really good public policy or are there other ways to better build your immune system naturally? What is not often spoken about are the side effects most often due to the often unpredictable way a person's body will create an immunity to the entity that was injected inside of them. Sometimes, these reactions can be worse than the flu itself. Here are some alternative ways to get your flu inoculation that are proven to work. 1. Have children. Starting a family has a great side effect; an enhanced immune system. This works because your child who is exposed to other children will bring home some awful bugs which leave you with a child who is sick. Those same bugs once shared, help you develop enhanced immunity, while making you feel awful. The important thing to note here is the enhanced immunity that will make your body more able to stay healthier even when exposed to many viruses. As a side note, many pediatricians are likely to have great immune systems (unless they have some problem preventing the immune system from working normally because of their constant exposure to your children). 2. Go on a crowded train or any crowded space. Going on a train, plane or any enclosed space will expose you to a number of viruses and bacteria. With each exposure, your body will build anti bodies to protect itself. A properly functioning immune system may react violently to certain viruses or bacteria resulting in a cold or short term illness. This is the way you build immunity. If you want to be inoculated against the latest problems affecting us now, this is more efficient than have the flu inoculation, since you are exposed to many more potential illnesses than the government agency sanctioned flu shot has the potential to prevent, without the side effects of the flu shot itself. 3. Don't be germ phobic. Many people are afraid of getting what others have. They are constantly using hand sanitizers and stay away from crowds. This is likely to make your immune system weaker. Constantly being exposed to viruses and bacteria actually helps our bodies immune systems in most cases, since very few plagues exist in our modern society. Unlike the recent movie contagion, which shows a deadly virus that has the potential to wipe out mankind, few of the things we are exposed to have that potential to do harm, and in the movie, 3/4 of the people developed a natural immunity to the organism that emanated from a kitchen in Asia. What do you think? As always, I value your opinion.