Try this combo for natural joint pain relief.

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Try this combo for natural joint pain relief. Joint pain is a common problem, especially as we age.   Joints that have wear and tear on them may go through changes over the years and often, they will ache. To just call the phenomenon arthritis is short-sighted and often harmful since the mechanisms that create the damage to our joints can be dealt with through exercise, chiropractic manipulation and maintenance of the soft tissues (muscles, ligaments, fascia).  Regular exercise and chiropractic care can be quite helpful, but often, inflammation will play a part in making us ache more. There are two substances that can be quite helpful in relieving this type of pain, which include turmeric and omega 3 fish oils.  These substances help relieve pain naturally and do not inhibit healing as the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication can, and they will not harm the organ systems such as the kidneys with long term use. Two other substances can help not only reduce pain but improve joint function and lubrication.  These are often less talked about but include collagen and vitamin C. Since most of our connective tissue is made of collagen, supplementation with collagen along with vitamin C can help collagen synthesis and help us reduce pain as well as joint damage. While the use of these products is not a panacea, and they will not help mechanical problems such as body asymmetry and the mechanical pain that comes with it, it can help you age more gracefully. Check out this interesting article here Collagen, Vitamin C Combo Can Provide Natural Joint Pain Relief Posted on February 4, 2017, by Brad Hoppmann One of the most-debilitating health ailments, as you grow older, is joint pain. It’s a daily battle that impedes every area of your life. One that can be downright miserable, even on a good day. Pharmaceutical pain relievers (opiates, Tylenol, etc.) are the go-to solution for many sufferers. But these only mask joint pain and act like a Band-Aid for your body. NSAID medications like ibuprofen are anti-inflammatory, yes. But they also come with possible side effects like liver damage, increased risk of heart failure, and even greater risk of death. (When used longer term.) Read More