Too much sitting when working from home? Here are some exercises courtesy of CNN that may help.

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While many of us are working from home more than we used to, the long hours of sitting can cause us to experience pain and stiffness even with the best ergonomic setup and chair. Movement is essential because our heart pumps blood to the body but what pumps it back to the heart is limb movement.   A sit-stand type desk can help, but periodic exercise can also help. I personally find it best to exercise before your day so we are more comfortable sitting.  You can have a great ergonomic set up at your desk, however, if your body ergonomics are poor, you can still experience discomfort. Chiropractic care can also help, especially during these stressful times since exercise alone may not be enough to help you feel your best. CNN recently offered advice on sitting with its five recommended exercises.  Check it out below

5 exercises to offset too much sitting

By Dana Santas, CNN It's another day of self-isolating, which means it's potentially another day of sitting indoors restlessly taking yet another Zoom meeting. Prolonged sitting is an unavoidable reality for many. And with lots of us spending more time inside, as the pandemic continues, it's inevitable that we're spending even more time being sedentary. The irony is that we're staying home to protect our health, but all that added sitting is putting our health at risk in other ways. In addition to being a risk factor for many life-threatening cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, excessive sitting can lead to depression, chronic pain, and increased risk of physical injury, according to research. That's why it's important for us to become aware of our sitting habits and do what we can to counteract them. Read more