Venus flytrap extract; a cure for cancer and other disease processes caused by viruses?


Venus flytrap extract; a cure for cancer and other disease processes caused by viruses?

This morning, during my home office hours, the discussion of Venus Flytrap as a cure for the viruses responsible for many cancers, warts and other problems we encounter during our lives ensued. Apparently, Ronald Regan had taken this when he had polyps in the colon.

Most people are unaware of how unimpressive the cancer cure rates actually are, especially, since after radiation, chemo and other horrible treatments that make us more ill, many of us often do not survive, or perhaps may have a relapse. There is some evidence that many cancers are caused by viruses. The human Papilloma virus is responsible for cervical cancer in women, and the test that has been done for years, the PAP smear is likely to be replaced in the near future.

One company markets a pure extract of this plant called carnivora. There are of course other preparations, but if you have been diagnosed with cancer, should you do traditional treatments, or perhaps take Venus Flytrap extract? Of course, this area needs more study however, it has been reported that people taking this have improved their treatment chances with regular cancer treatment, as well as against bad viral infections.

Apparently, it has the effect of destroying viruses, allowing your body to fight the disease process head on. Since viruses change the ways cells work, it is highly likely that this theory has a scientific basis for working, so what do you have to lose?

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Viruses and Cancer

In addition to chemicals and radiation, another source of mutation is viruses. Viruses are very small ‘organisms’ that can infect the cells of other animals or plants. Humans are susceptible to a large number of different viruses. Viruses are not the same as bacteria although both can cause human disease. Treatments that cure bacterial infections are not useful in the treatment of viral infection. Some examples of viruses include the agent that causes the flu (influenza virus) and the causative agent of AIDS, the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

Viruses can disrupt cell behavior in several different ways.

  • They can directly cause DNA damage (mutations) by inserting their genomes into the DNA of the host cell. The integration can disrupt important regulatory genes.
  • The viruses may contain their own genes that disrupt the regulation of the cell. This process may be beneficial to the virus if it allows for rapid production of progeny but can be seriously detrimental to the host.
  • Some viruses actually carry altered versions of genes that they have picked up from previous host cells. These altered genes no longer function properly, and when they are inserted into a new host cell, they cause disregulation and can lead to cancerous growth.

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While many of the standard sites such as the American Cancer Society (supported with drug money from big pharma) does not paint carnivera as something that is effective, many types of treatment that are effective and used in other countries have never been approved here. Does the fact that the FDA is in bed with the pharmaceutical industry have something to do with what sees the light of day here? With the honesty we see in government lately, does the cancer establishment really want to cure something it makes so much money from, while it constantly lobbies to make sure Americans stay on dangerous pharmaceuticals?

What do you think? As always, I welcome your feedback.