Vertigo, dizziness and balance problems improve following chiropractic office visits; here’s why.

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Vertigo, dizziness and balance problems improve following chiropractic office visits; should you visit a chiropractor first?

Many people experience vertigo and dizziness, and the problem seems to come out of nowhere. Often, when the problem fails to go away, many people head to the Otolaryngologist (ears, nose and throat specialist) since problems in the inner ear are often associated with the condition.

Many of us believe that something serious must be wrong, including a brain lesion, or a problem in the inner ear, yet most tests including MRI scans are negative and are simply not helpful. In reality, only a tiny portion of the population who experiences vertigo actually has a problem that may be a life threatening condition or an actual inner ear problem, so why should you be evaluated as if you have a life threatening condition first, and then offered a more reasonable path of treatment last?

Many patients who have a chronic pain problem visit chiropractors and as Consumer Reports and recently, Bottom Line Personal discovered, patients are not only pleased with the results, but feel much better than the typical medical or physical therapy approach.

One of the added benefits chiropractic patients experience is that often, other symptoms that they have become used to improve as well. Vertigo, quite commonly is one of those symptoms that will improve with chiropractic manipulation over the course of a few visits.

Why would spinal manipulation improve Vertigo?

spinal torsion

Mechanically speaking, most patients who are experiencing vertigo are also tight on one side of their body when compared to the other side. This asymmetry in muscle tension will extend to the base of the skull and can disturb the leveling mechanisms that are in the brain. The other mechanical aberration that occurs is that people who are built asymmetrically also tend to experience pelvic torsion, which will result in a similar effect in the thoracic (mid back) spine.

Much of the motion that is involved with bending the neck forward and backward as well as in rotation and side to side exists in the mid back and lower back joints, and from years of experience, problems in the leg can actually create tension into the pelvic, mid and upper back area, causing the neck to strain.

When these problems are relieved with the use of spinal manipulation, foot orthotics which help level the pelvis, and myofascial release treatment most of the time, perhaps you as a consumer should consider the chiropractor first. Most chiropractic patients who come for problems with vertigo also benefit from overall better body mobility, fewer aches and pains and have more energy as their body functions more efficiently.

Chiropractic offers better value in the diagnosis and treatment of Vertigo?

Depending on the severity of the condition, the answer is a resounding yes. A thorough musculoskeletal evaluation can determine if the problem has a mechanical origin, something most tests will not show. Chiropractors study anatomy and neurology and are fully trained to diagnose a more serious problem if it exists, and will refer you if necessary to the appropriate practitioner, just as your primary care doctor would since they are primary care for the spine and nervous system.

The chiropractor is less likely to refer you for an MRI and other diagnostics first, since these tests are negative in most cases for any life threatening problem. In todays healthcare environment with so called cost sharing (high deductibles), often the cost of care from your local chiropractor is less than the MRI itself, an important consideration when you have a high deductible plan.

As we are share more of the cost of our healthcare, smart healthcare consumers look for value and your local chiropractor offers a safe and high value alternative to medications and tests which work on the symptoms, rather than the problem itself. Mechanical problems cannot resolve with a medication; they require a mechanical solution. If you have Vertigo, you need a body mechanic.

The methods used by chiropractors are safe and effective, and as people try to lead healthier lives free of drugs, chiropractic makes sense as a first point of contact for someone who is experiencing vertigo. Since a high percentage of these cases improve markedly through chiropractic methods without tests, medications and expensive specialists, a chiropractor is the best first choice for anyone having vertigo, especially when it has not responded medications of other medical methods.

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