Video explains america’s healthcare problem in 8 minutes, wow!

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Video explains america's healthcare problem in 8 minutes, wow! I found this on a news feed. Healthcare is an overpriced problem in the United States with much misinformation disseminated about why it costs so much. Check this out Let me know what you think, this guy does a great job. Healthcare in the US needs a reboot. Chiropractic needs to be part of that and helps keep costs down, while solving many of our day to day problems. Most doctors of chiropractic are interested in solving many problems, and helping people improve the quality of their lives. While chiropractic does not have all the answers, most people are surprised at how much looking at people, not just their symptoms can do in lowering healthcare costs and keeping them healthier. Unfortunately, the business of healthcare is giving us the business, at prices that are insane and unimaginable to the rest of the world. From Drug companies, to hospital costs, to some physician fees, the system needs to reevaluate what it is about and why they exist, which of course, is to serve the public, rather than themselves. Yet, healthcare reform is so unpopular (see NY times Here). Perhaps, if the big misinformation machine would stop putting ideas in peoples heads that are largely untrue, based on healthcare in other countries, we would have cradle to grave coverage for all, at a lower cost that would eliminate the need for expensive exchanges and the markup insurance companies place on your care, while not being as effective as Medicare at negotiating healthcare fees, especially drug costs since the government does not have the right to negotiate drug costs through Medicare, yet it does a fine job through the VA. What do you think. As always, I value your opinion