Vitamin D myths vs. Facts

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suntan While it is true that many of us are vitamin D deficient, it is also true that many popular beliefs about vitamin D are false. Check out this web blog that sets the record straight.

Researchers Debunk Medical Myths About Vitamin D

Kate Horowitz We are constantly bombarded with conflicting headlines about nutrition and ads for products that promise to make or keep us healthy. Sorting out the truth from the hooey is an uphill battle, but science can help. A team of researchers have examined 10 common claims about vitamin D, and found that most of them lack evidence. They published their findings in the Journal of General Internal Medicine. Lead researcher Michael Allan is the director of Evidence-Based Medicine at the University of Alberta. He and his colleagues reviewed more than 80 studies on vitamin D, looking for support for claims that the vitamin can reduce cancer risk, treat arthritis, and more. Read more