Walking 2 minutes per hour can save your life; here’s how.

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walkingWalking 2 minutes per hour can save your life; here's how. Many things have been written about how the current research shows that people who sit all day tend to have a shorter life span. Part of this is due to how we circulate the blood through the body, since the heart will pump blood to the arms and legs but to move it back, you require movement.  There are of course other elements to this concept we have yet to discover. Companies have responded to this research with treadmill desks (few like this concept) or the sit - stand desk that is more popular and practical, since it allows you to stand or sit with good ergonomics. The Huffington post recently offered a number of other ways to stay active at work during the day.  Check it out here. How 2 Minutes of Walking Per Hour Can Help Save Your Life Dec 23, 2015 by Phil Hardesty An increasing number of employers are placing a higher value on employee health and fitness. Still, the majority of workplaces don't emphasize fitness and are not equipped for it. This includes manual laborer and construction jobs, which are certainly more strenuous and physically tiring than a desk job, but still don't always meet our standards of exercise. If you're in a profession in which you spend most of your time sitting at a desk, you may be at the most risk of developing many of the diseases that are linked to inactivity. Studies reported in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (CJASN) have linked daily prolonged sitting to increased risk of premature death, as well as heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic health problems. For their analysis, the team used data on 3,243 participants in the 2003-04 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES). To monitor the intensity of their activity during waking hours, the survey had asked participants to wear accelerometers for several days. The participants were followed for three years after the activity data was collected. During this time 137 of them died. Researchers concluded that 2 minutes of walking per hour linked to 33 percent lower risk of death. Read more.