Is walking or running better for our overall health?

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If you were wondering whether walking or running was better for your health, the NY Times recently covered this with this recent article. Many of those who live in Europe and eat the Mediterranean diet tend to live longer and better lives.  Part of this is eating farm-to-table for most of their lives.  This may be one of the reasons many of these countries have lower health costs although the culture of healthcare is also different, used differently with better eating habits (foot is medicine) and healthier overall lifestyles. In the USA, many of us who live in suburbs do additional exercise to stay healthier, whereas, in other countries, exercise is part of the lifestyle. Many in the US are now running for its health benefits although some are walking more as well.  The American diet has never been great however, over the last few years, many of us have been looking for healthy alternatives to typical American meals and portions which explains why stores such as Whole Foods are successful as well as the many farm stands and farmers markets we have access to. Which is healthier, walking or running.   The NY Times recently explored the science behind both and offered some expert opinions on which is best. Check out the article below.

Running vs. Walking: Which Is Better for Lasting Health?

They’re both beneficial physically and mentally, but there’s a clear winner.

By Cindy Kuzma Published Nov. 14, 2023 Walking is among the world’s most popular forms of exercise, and far and away the most favored in the United States. And for good reason: It’s simple, accessible and effective. Taking regular walks lowers the risk of many health problems including anxiety, depression, diabetes and some cancers. However, once your body becomes accustomed to walking, you might want to pick up the pace, said Alyssa Olenick, an exercise physiologist and postdoctoral research fellow in the energy metabolism lab at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. If you can nudge even part of your walk into a run, it offers many of the same physical and mental benefits in far less time. But just how much better is running? And how can you turn your walk into a run? Read more