What should be built into our running shoes? Experts weigh in.

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What should be built into our running shoes? Experts weigh in.

Different running shoe companies claim their shoes do certain things for you, hoping you will purchase their latest shoe. Some shoes such as Hoka have breakout designs that people love, while other companies try to chase their design.   Right now, according to a reliable source, many manufacturers are trying to imitate Hoka's deep pocket design that absorbs shock. [caption id="attachment_7332" align="alignleft" width="226"] Nike Vaporfly[/caption] Other companies such as Nike a few years ago designed a marathon shoe called the Nike Vaporfly that they say can help you run a faster marathon. Their shoe was worn during a demonstration marathon that helped their specially trained marathoner on a curated course run a sub-2-hour marathon pace. Others such as On from Australia have a segmented bottom and other more traditional designs suggest that flatter feet need stiffer and more controlling shoes. Who is right? [caption id="attachment_5435" align="alignright" width="300"] Hoka[/caption] The action in any shoe takes place in the mid-sole and some shoes work better for certain body styles than others.   Buying a running shoe has become a hit-or-miss affair but once a runner finds a shoe that they like, they often stick with it. The NY Times recently looked into the running shoe discussion and offered some great perspectives on which shoe is best for you.   While many shoes are one style fits all affairs the runner has to fit into what is widely available, perhaps simpler is better.  Check out the NY Times article below

What You Do (and Don’t) Need in a Running Shoe

It’s tempting to believe the right sneakers will help you run faster or avoid injury. Here’s what experts know.

By Cindy Kuzma March 30, 2023 Humans have run for hundreds of thousands of years, most without the benefit of cushy, brightly colored footwear. But take a stroll around a sporting goods store or scroll through a running website, and you’ll find a dizzying array of options. Some promise speed, others comfort and injury reduction — and nearly all carry hefty price tags. To help you sort fact from fad — and stability shoes from super shoes — we consulted research and experts. What makes a running shoe a running shoe? Traditional running sneakers are designed to blunt the impact of hitting the ground and provide traction, said Geoff Burns, a sport physiologist for the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee in Colorado Springs. Read more