The latest information on what causes runners high from the NY Times

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Have you experienced Runners High without realizing why you feel great after a long run? Runners high is this almost mythical feeling that has been described by numerous running magazines. It previously was thought to have been caused by endorphins which regulate pain.` We now understand it is really about the endocannabinoid, which has an effect similar to cannabis according to a new study. Check out the article below

Getting to the Bottom of the Runner’s High

For years we’ve been crediting endorphins, but it’s really about the endocannabinoid.

By Gretchen Reynolds March 10, 2021 We can stop crediting endorphins, the natural opioid painkillers produced by our bodies, for the floaty euphoria we often feel during aerobic exercise, according to a nifty new study of men, women, and treadmills. In the study, runners developed a gentle intoxication, known as a runner’s high, even if researchers had blocked their bodies’ ability to respond to endorphins, suggesting that those substances could not be behind the buzz. Instead, the study suggests, a different set of biochemicals resembling internally homegrown versions of cannabis, better known as marijuana, are likely to be responsible. The findings expand our understanding of how running affects our bodies and minds, and also raise interesting questions about why we might need to be slightly stoned in order to want to keep running. Read more