What did movie stars Clark Gable, Tyrone Power, Spencer Tracy, Robert Taylor, George C. Scott and Glenn Ford have in common?

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mgm-logo For those of us who have been around for a while (the baby boomer generation), these are the names are well-known actors. For those who are chiropractic patients, you know the benefits. For those who are in entertainment, they discovered chiropractic many years ago and found that it helped them in their careers. A doctor of chiropractic I was unfamiliar with named Terry Robinson D.C. had treated Louis B. Mayer, the studio chief of MGM, one of the most classic names in the movie business. After having his stiff neck problem solved by Dr. Robinson, he placed the doctor on his payroll as the studio's in house chiropractor and fitness trainer. For those that remember recently that Jack La Lane died, he was also a chiropractor who trained people in fitness. This is a terrific story of a local chiropractor who made a huge difference to the entertainment industry. Read about him here in an article from the NY Times.

Terry Robinson, Chiropractor and Fitness Trainer to the Stars, Dies at 98

Terry Robinson arrived in Hollywood in 1948 with a fortuitous portfolio. A competitive bodybuilder licensed chiropractor and professed physical therapist, he specialized in treating muscle tension and neck pain — weight lifters' ailments that were gaining a whole new host of sufferers in postwar Hollywood.

Movie box office receipts were declining steeply as television caught on. Cold War hysteria had spawned accusations of Communist influence in the film industry. The studio system was in its last days.

It was in the form of a terrible headache and a stiff neck that Mr. Robinson got his big break. The pain belonged to one of the most powerful men in the business, Louis B. Mayer, the MGM studio chief. A grateful Mayer, after being successfully treated in 1948 for his spasmodic torticollis (as his muscle-bound therapist would later describe it), but Mr. Robinson on the MGM payroll.

Mayer fell victim to the industry's woes and MGM's in-house intrigues in 1951. But Mr. Robinson, who died on May 19 at 98 at his home in West Los Angeles, stayed on for many years as the studio's in-house chiropractor and fitness trainer to Clark Gable, Tyrone Power, Spencer Tracy, Robert Taylor, George C. Scott, Glenn Ford, and other stars.

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