What do I have to bring to a DOT CDL Physical Examination?

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What do I have to bring to a DOT CDL Physical Examination?Preparation Before Your Appointment

Before thinking about what to bring along to your DOT CDL physical examination, there are a few key things to prepare. First, if you are currently taking prescribed medications, make sure you continue to take them as prescribed. Never alter your dosage before a medical exam, as readings can spike if medication levels have changed. Your body is used to what you've been taking, and it's essential to keep your levels steady. Second, be sure to wear loose-fitting clothing for the physical exam. It is important to be comfortable, both mentally and physically. Tight clothing, intended to fit snugly, can impede your physique and can make your body tense and uncomfortable. Third, don’t use the bathroom just before your physical exam. You will be required to give a urine sample for a kidney screen. But rest assured, this is not for a drug test. And lastly, before you go to your appointment, be sure to complete your Medical Examination Report Form. And do not forget to bring it along to the examination.

Items To Bring To Your Examination

Be sure to bring your valid driver’s license and another form of identification that has a photo. If you wear glasses or contacts, you are required to bring them, and wear them, if you do so regularly. It would be helpful if you've recently had an eye exam. However, it is not necessary to bring the exam report with you. If you wear hearing aids, be sure to wear them for your exam. People prefer that you can hear rather than care about your appearance. You cannot fail your exam because of hearing aids. Also, if you happen to have a current FMCSA Waiver or Exemption Certificate or Skills Performance Evaluation, be sure to bring these documents.

Medical Information To Bring To Your Examination

If you take any medications, make sure you bring along a list of exactly what they are. Also, provide the name and contact information of the prescribing doctor or provider. You must bring a letter from your attending physician describing your medical history. In effect, this letter is a medical release opinion from your primary doctor concerning any medical condition for which you are being treated, or any recent illness, injury, or surgery you may have suffered. The letter from your primary doctor must implicitly state that you can safely drive a DOT registered vehicle, if:
  • You are currently taking blood thinners, and you provide the results of your most recent PT/INR.
  • Have suffered a heart attack, had a valve replacement or had a stent put in, and you provide a letter from your heart specialist that outlines your medical history.
  • Have suffered from a stroke, brain tumor, or cerebral bleeding, and you provide a letter from the specialists that treated any of these conditions.
  • Been diagnosed with sleep apnea, and you provide a letter from your sleep specialists, or whoever rendered the diagnosis or reading from your CPAP machine demonstrating proper use (i.e., at least 4 hours/night, 70% of the total shifts).
  • You have diabetes, and you bring the results of a recent hemoglobin A1C blood test and demonstrate compliance with management requirements for that condition.

What Should I Expect After My DOT Physical Exam?

Upon passing your DOT Medical Examination, you’ll receive a certificate of good health, which the FMCSA requires to be carried by all commercial drivers. For all questions, concerns and to schedule your DOT CDL Physical Examination, please contact Charschan Chiropractic and Sports Injury Consultants. To better serve you, we have two convenient locations: North Brunswick, NJ, and Scotch Plains, NJ. DOT examinations are performed in our North Brunswick office.