What was once bad is now ok; The US Nutrition advisory board’s new sugar and fat recommendations

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Mediterranean food What was once bad is now ok; The US Nutrition advisory board's new sugar and fat recommendations For those who are nutritionists or nutritional advisors, the evidence has suggested that sugar is too high a quantity is bad for us, and that fat is a normal part of our diet. The Mediterranean diet of course is one of the healthiest styles of diet for us overall. For many years now, fats and cholesterol were demonized, while a growing awareness of sugar's detrimental health effects were being seen in the general population. Recently, The US Nutrition advisory board after looking over the current evidence recommended that dietary intake of cholesterol and fats actually were not so bad for us (actually, the fat adds texture and flavor to what we eat, allowing us to be better satisfied with our meal). Sugar on the other hand, in small quantities is not a problem, but in larger portions, creates problems with insulin and other body functions, and by some is considered a poison to the body. Years ago, most of us would drink soda without thinking about what was in it. In todays environment, of health conscious consumers, traditional soda sales have declined, while many companies such as Coca Cola has introduced many other types of beverages that are either sugar free or low in sugar, and higher in nutrition, something todays consumer wants in their beverage. Check out the article here