What’s wrong with American healthcare? A website you need to read to believe.


What’s wrong with American healthcare? A website you need to read to believe.

Where did we go wrong? Apparently, it started in the 1940’s when health insurance became a benefit employers could offer their employees that was deductible for them. Back in the day, health insurance was cheap. 60 years later, we have our systemic mess, without pricing power, that puts many of us at risk at a hospital when we are most vulnerable during an illness.

I have often explained to patients some of the reasons the current system is overpriced, and quite honestly, much less effective at keeping us healthy than other systems in other countries. This website knocks it out of the park, explaining what is wrong, what is going wrong and why we have the problems we do. There is even a video that explores what would happen if air travel worked like healthcare.

One of the big problems is that insurers keep on tinkering with the system, and the healthcare profession often outmaneuvers them with more technology, more testing and more detours around their roadblocks which leaves us with more expensive care. The only carrier that has the negotiating power to deal with costs adequately is Medicare, partly because it is the only insurance that can cross state lines. It also has clout and a low cost business model.

It is obvious that after looking at this site, we need a reboot. Check this out

8 facts that explain what’s wrong with American health care

1) Americans pay way, way, way more for health care than anyone else

Health care in the United States is expensive. Insanely, outlandishly expensive.

We spend $2.8 trillion on healthcare annually. That works out to about one-sixth of the total economy and more than $8,500 per person — and way more than any other country.

health spending fixed

If the health-care system were to break off from the United States and become its own economy, it would be the fifth-largest in the world. “It would be bigger than the United Kingdom or France and only behind the United States, China, Japan and Germany,” says David Blumenthal, executive director of the non-profit Commonwealth Fund.

Or here’s another way to put it in its (insane) perspective: The US, which has a mostly private health-care system, manages to spend more on its public health-care system than countries where the health-care system is almost entirely public. America’s government spends more, as a percentage of the economy, on public health care than Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan or Australia. And then it spends even more than that on private health care.

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