When can we stop worrying about germs and viruses and just live?

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Covid-19 changed the way many of us thought about viruses and bacteria, but not in a good way. We need different types of bacteria in our gut to properly digest food and stay healthy.   Bacteria and viruses are not only a part of our environment but we have adapted over thousands of years to benefit from what they do. True, some viruses and bacteria can make us very ill, but that is rare. What is not normal is to reduce our exposure through over sanitization of surfaces.   The immune system is constantly training and exercising itself by being exposed naturally to our environment.   If you are on a crowded train or bus, you are being naturally exposed to any viruses or bacteria that are in our area.   Your immune system is constantly fighting off invaders if you are healthy.   Those who are not or who are immunocompromised may have a problem with some of these, but most of us do not. Over sanitizing reduces our exposure but may in time make us more susceptible to illness from exposure as more of these germs and viruses are not regularly exposed to us.  Good thing that we have cell phones which are some of the dirtiest things we own to gain exposure. Masking may have decreased the droplets we share but it has us being super exposed to our own bacteria while reducing our exposure to others, which in most cases is important for proper immune function as well. The NY Times explored the phenomenon and offers some great insight.   We need bacteria and viruses to thrive.   Check out the article below

Can We Learn to Live With Germs Again?

The health of our bodies and microbiome may depend on society’s return to lifestyles that expose us to bacteria, despite the risks.

By Markham Heid April 23, 2021 The video is intended to comfort and reassure, but it feels undeniably dystopian. A person clad in goggles, a mask, and a reflective vest dusts a plane’s cabin with a fine mist of disinfectant. The chemical spray is charged with “breakthrough” electrostatic technology that helps it coat every surface and lay waste to any microscopic threats that may be lurking, specifically the coronavirus. United Airlines produced and uploaded this particular video last April, but the sanitization regimen is not unique. Mass transportation authorities and countless businesses have gone to similar lengths in an effort to abide by guidelines and to mollify a rightly fearful public. And for the most part, the efforts have been welcome. One of the top comments posted to the United video reads, “Even after this pandemic you guys should keep this up.” Read more