Which is the healthiest animal protein?

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Which is the healthiest animal protein?

Many of us are meat eaters, but which type of animal protein is the most or least healthy? Some of us are vegetarian while others are vegetarian but eat fish and avoid land animals.  Is this healthier? According to this interesting article originally featured in the Washington Times, Fish and Poultry may be the best proteins available, while red meat is good but in smaller quantities.  The article also offers a few surprises as well. Check out this article which is well-referenced below

From Fish to Bacon, A Ranking of Animal Proteins in Order of Healthfulness

Turkey is leaner than chicken, bison is leaner than beef.

The Washington Post - Jenna Birch

As an average consumer, you probably have a vague awareness of the nutritional value of your animal proteins — fish being better than red meat, for example. The issue can be complicated, because all animal proteins have pros and cons, research can come up with conflicting results, and studies can surprise us. For example, research suggests that in terms of cholesterol alone, eating white meat chicken is as bad for you as eating beef.

Still, there’s a generally agreed upon hierarchy of nutritional value when it comes to animal protein and small shifts in your diet might have greater effects than you realize. In a study of the Danish population, researchers found that  Danes could gain more than 7,000 years of healthy life annually if they ate the recommended quantity (12 ounces per week) of fish, while at the same time replacing red and processed meats in their diet.

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